Target Group

Lecturers or prospective lecturers with at least intermediate-level English (B2)

The reforms which have been implemented since the Bologna Process have meant that an increasing number of courses at universities are being held in English. Whilst sound teaching skills are a basic requirement in all contexts, the use of English as a lingua franca in teaching – given the growing number of students with different linguistic and cultural backgrounds - has increased the complexity of the teaching task.

Therefore, this workshop will offer lecturers and prospective professors at German universities both practical support and the opportunity to refine their English language skills in order to teach their academic disciplines in English. The workshop is not so much designed to equip participants with pedagogical skills, but to strengthen one’s ability to apply English to the teaching skills one already has. Each participant should present a 10-15 minute excerpt from a lecture or short presentation.



  • Participants will draw on the experiences and practices of fellow members of staff and go home with a helpful toolbox for conducting engaging presentations and leading classroom discussions.
  • Continued feedback from the instructor will ensure that participants strengthen their academic lexical tools and feel more confident managing challenging situations in the classroom.


  • Presentations (structure, signposting, questions, introductions and conclusions)
  • Lexis for describing processes, structures etc.
  • The language of analysis and discussion (how to reason professionally and academically)
  • Evaluating and grading, critical response
  • Vocabulary for university life
  • Comparison of UK and German educational systems

Duration: 2-day seminar, 10am to 5pm daily
Max. no. of participants: 10







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